The Orb

Album Title: Moonbuilding 2073 AD
Record Label: Kompakt
Review by John Noyd
(1948) Page Views

The Orb - Moonbuilding 2073 ADThe Orb - Moonbuilding 2073 AD

The prodigious English duo Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty return to German record label Kompakt with all-original material for a gorgeous four-part suite fusing sly humor into translucent krautrock grooves, tampered lava-lamp ambiance and paranormal dance-floor trances. The latest auditory hallucinations from these misbegotten cosmonauts sequesters polyester vibes inside glow-stick vertigo for a slick, unpredictable ride where chill vacuum-sealed appeals hunt down hip submarine scenes in slow-drip blips, dub-scrubbed shifts and strobe-lit drifts. Working extra hard to appear ultra-casual, “Moonbuilding,” is a fly exercise in calculated laziness, pumping bubbly thumps through rubber-room flumes; a foggy cacophony of sleek beats and privileged sizzle. Do not miss the party when The Orb lands in Madison’s Majestic Theater September 24th along with Mike Carlson, Wyatt Agard and Umi.

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