Rocket Paloma

Album Title: Mother Mountain
Record Label: Rocket Paloma
Review by John Noyd
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Rocket Paloma - Mother MountainRocket Paloma - Mother Mountain

Compatible collaborations rattle well-staged rampages raising unrestrained purple haze alongside brawling blues-rock blazes and crazy red-hot moxie; breaking through the clouds, “Mother Mountain,” conquers in slinky kicks and roaring riffs. Rolling around in run-away swamp-pomp, incendiary rockabilly and wild-heart honky-tonk, the Milwaukee quartet flourishes in action-packed patchwork, peppering buzz-saw indie-rock collages with gypsy-kissed folk while coaxing toasty teases from lusty bell-bottom ballads tricked out in whammy bars and wah-wah pedals. Fronting frontier jangle inside spider-web solos, Rocket Paloma’s meandering melodies, walking bass and hip-swinging rhythms swim in box-canyon avalanches of extended send-offs, climatic sass and rousing, empowered crowd-pleasers. A rouge rock ‘n roll rodeo greased in raucous talk and smokin’ woke adventures, “Mother,” snakes its way shedding sinful skins with playful hints and sizzling mischief.

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