Album Title: Moving On
Record Label: Self Released
Review by Kristen Winiarski
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Repertoire - Moving OnRepertoire - Moving On

Singing out of the lands of Milwaukee, WI, comes Repertoire. This fusion of the styles of Jack Johnson and Dispatch has recently unleashed their second album, “Moving On”. Just from the title alone, the album is meant to give hope. Through the music, they tell you to “dream on dreamer.”  Whether or not things will get better, they make you think that it will. The album is meant to make you believe and give you hope in the world as well as hope in love.

The band was originally formed in 2001 and released their first album, “Even Sleep” in 2003. Even after the lead singer, bassist, and keyboardist left the band in 2005, songwriter Michael O’Donnell and drummer/vocalist Michael Jaklich, were able to pull back together and assemble a new group of players to release “Moving On” in November, 2007.

The music is also similar to Dashboard Confessional in the themes represented through the music. Throughout the album is the unique mix of vocals, guitar, drums, piano, saxophone, and violin. This mix allows the listener to both relax and identify with the wish to dream or love. The song “Moving On” showcases that violin sound at the beginning as well as throughout the piece. Their style can be described as a mix of Indie, Pop, and Alternative.

You may have already heard their music on Milwaukee radio station, 103.7 KISS FM. Repertoire was chosen as the KISS Superstar of 2008 and their song “Dreamer” has been added to the station’s playlist. If you haven’t heard them yet, give them a listen if you’re looking for something uplifting with a fun mellow beat.

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