Keep Shelly in Athens

Album Title: Now, I’m Ready
Record Label: Friends of Friends
Review by John Noyd
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Keep Shelly in Athens - Now, I’m ReadyKeep Shelly in Athens - Now, I’m Ready

Synth-pop snake-charmers’ subtly cuddly power anthems, “Ready,” plays a cat and mouse game between flaming impatience and icy anticipation, blowing soul-sister bubbles which float, skim and pop in glistening glitches, sultry flutter and subsonic rumble before transforming buoyant mermaid ballads swathed in crisp electric textures into peacock-rock for phosphorescent ballrooms. Anonymously accommodating, openly dangerous and playfully cool, KSiA’s heady bedroom funk jumps from black widow love-letters into heavenly orchestrated arias, the brazen bait of dubstep traps and chillwave raves; radio-active sci-fi disco wooing beautiful alien dancers with the glossy promise of endless nights filled with exotic thrills pouring heartache from champagne magnums as sensual temptations bob in silver goblets. The Greek duo play Madison’s The Frequency December 2nd with special guest Chicago electro-architect Different Sleep.

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