Jessy Lanza

Album Title: Oh No
Record Label: Hyperdub
Review by John Noyd
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Jessy Lanza - Oh NoJessy Lanza - Oh No

Trilling thrills meet punctual funk as a divine amalgamation of raving party-favors and cantilevered diva squeaks flow, grow and glow in slippery contradictory bliss; “No,” is both lush and sparse, luxurious yet economical, subversively inserting tense, sensual layers into sanitized mechanics where flexible temptations move to tireless desires. Artfully employing whiplash panache to cybernetic confections, Lanza’s sophomore effort squeezes teasing sparks into a lip-smacking feast of sculpted beats whose micro-managed dance-production let the little things stand out while the soulful whole washes wonderfully over the senses. Perky chirps flirting in catty, bratty j-pop purrs while gentle waves of quirky work-outs slavishly sashay in mincing incisions cause the entire album to wriggle and squirm in blithe seismics, savagely dabbling between danger and delight, pleasure and plight.

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