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  • Nuclear Children

    Album Title: Paint it Red
    Record Label: Champion of the Arts Records
    Review by Cactus Joe
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    The Nuclear Children - Paint it RedThe Nuclear Children - Paint it Red

    THE NUCLEAR CHILDREN’s single “Paint it Red” preambles the band’s soon-to-be-released full length studio album, “Ten Sordid Tales of Schaden and Freude” (Champion of the Arts Records) due out in early 2009.  Energetic, intense, and sarcastic, the band’s sound has been compared to Modest Mouse, The Pixies, and Social Distortion. These bands are all clearly influential in “Paint it Red” as well as the B-side track “Hey Wendy.” They hail from Columbus, OH, an underrated modern-Mecca of urban retro rock. Check them out on MySpace, where you can hear the singles.

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