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  • Anna Laube

    Album Title: Pool All The Love * Pool All The Knowledge
    Record Label: Self Released
    Review by John Noyd
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    Anna Laube - Pool All The Love * Pool All The KnowledgeAnna Laube - Pool All The Love * Pool All The Knowledge

    Wisconsin native and California transplant Laube spins hippie bohemia into rootin’ tootin’ riverboat galleries moseying on down through spirited Delta blues, roadhouse honky-tonk and funky finger pickin’ folk. Turning fields plowed by Michelle Shocked and Gillian Welch, Laube has a light hand that eases into each eleven tracks revealing eleven different histories anchored in an authenticity that is friendly and forgiving. Anna’s slow-burn melancholy scrapes by as much as her confident shakedowns kick off sadness’s shackles. Lanky and coltish, pan-fried pride sizzles while fleshy sessions conjure toddlin’ minstrel jazz over Cajun gospel and East Village coffee shops circa 1959. Mixed and mastered at Madison’s DNA Studios. “Pool,” is brought to fruition through the intimate support from local musicians Nick Moran, Aaron Konkol, and Scott Beardsley.

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