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  • Vibrationland

    Album Title: Private Bits
    Record Label: self-release
    Review by John Noyd
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    Vibrationland - Private BitsVibrationland - Private Bits

    Despair flares and restless questions pester as woozy blues slip through psychedelic grooves to cruise into stereoscopic honky-tonk stained in uncurbed reverb and slightly toasted overdrive, Vibrationland’s latest rubber-band rock concoction oozes in organic banter well-versed in preposterous philosophies; roots-rocked fantasies blazed in fuzz-phased delays and merry prankster strangeness, grandstanding anthems born from narcoleptic revelations embracing zany mental-vacation getaways lined in fearless hall-of-mirror launch-pads and plush, carpeted landing-strips. A psychotic collection of conventional instruments melted into fun, unconventional arrangements, “Private,” ranges from opulent to ominous, hosting tympanis and banjos, harpsichords and brass, for monumental love-matches between eerie and cheery, spiked in riled off-course spirals and dizzy indie mysteries. Assembling unparalleled carousels of dreamy cohesiveness and informal non-conformity, Vibrationland leads brave, persuasive parades down exploratory detours.

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