New Medicine

Album Title: Race You To The Bottom
Record Label: Photo Finish Records/ATLANTIC
Review by Angela Villand
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New Medicine - Race You To The BottomNew Medicine - Race You To The Bottom

A walk down memory lane with Tommy Petty on one arm and Bad Religion on the other, New Medicine’s “Race You To The Bottom” saunters through and is on the way to the Top. At times, the music stops, but the singing keeps going…which is catchy. I don’t like “catchy.” I’m a hard rock & heavy metal fan. This album has put the boot down my own idea of what I do and don’t like.

With lyrics like that bring back decidedly my best Beastie Boys-fueled memories, their eclectic beats, hard-hitting bass lines that are easy to tap your foot to, and a few fast, funny, clear (easy to understand) verses, New Medicine is in the FTW column. This band’s debut CD from Photo Finish Records/Atlantic brings out a fresh new dynamic mix of hard rock with a punk flavor that delivers fun and positive messages that all ages can enjoy. For instance, I am 38, my daughter is 12; we both enjoy the crap out of this CD from start to finish! There is no doubt, either that they are having fun with this. Special sound effects in the place of profanity on “Rich Kids,” a few crazy sounding boings and tings and crazy guitar techniques in addition to the lyrics in general on most of the CD are unmistakably fun for these guys to perform! I recently saw them perform on the Jagermeister stage at the Rockstar Energy Uproar Tour show in Chitown. I don’t remember seeing a band obviously have so much stinkin’ fun playing music since 311. They’re heading to Madison on October 4th to join the Uproar Tour show here at the Alliant Energy Center Memorial Colliseum. If you’re going, please don’t miss their set! You will be able to pick up the CD at the show for a mere $10, not a bad price!

If you’re like me and have dismissed Punk Rock as something you can’t wrap your head around, this album may sneak in and take you by surprise. “American Wasted,” full of profanity and truth about sex, drugs and the ecstasy of losing control, will throw you into fits of head banging AND laughter. Music is fun, but this is ridiculously funny and fun. The last time I had THIS much fun playing an entire album from front to back without skipping songs was Zebrahead and 311.

It’s not all fun and games; the band isn’t afraid of sharing songs about the pain that life brings. “Little Sister,” a heart breaking tribute to singer Jake Scherer’s infant sister, which displays their more hypnotizing and softer side but is still an upbeat tune. “My little sister died of infant death syndrome at age one. When I wrote that song, I was thinking about what she’d be like today if she were alive. How would my life be different? It’s a sad song, but the chorus is very positive. Even if she’s an angel now, she’ll always be my sister and no matter what, I’m here for her.”

From the first song “Laid,” to the last “Sun Goes Down,” this album is stocked from top to bottom with introspective, thoughtful and often funny lyrics, Race You To The Bottom brings honesty and good old fashioned fun music!. Jake Scherer says “We never worried about fitting into a scene. I don’t care how my hair looks; I just want to write good songs. We’re proud of the music we created, and it’s the best feeling ever.”

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