Glenn Hughes

Album Title: Resonate
Record Label: Frontiers Music
Review by Sal Serio
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Glenn Hughes - ResonateGlenn Hughes - Resonate

Considering the harrowing accounts of Glenn Hughes’ “lost years” to drugs (as documented in obscene detail in his recent autobiography), it is amazing that Hughes is still writing, recording, and performing, let alone hitting new heights of artistic achievement some 45+ years in to his career. The “Voice of Rock” moniker is no false crown. There are precious few with the range, emotion, and intensity of Hughes’ uncanny vocal prowess.

Never one to shy away from new collaborations or genre-defying free spirited musical excursions, the beauty of the new ‘Resonate’ album is an unabashed attitude of “let’s rock the fuck out”, and the presence of one of the most cohesive and talented backing bands ever showcased on a Glenn Hughes record. The powerhouse drumming of Pontus Engborg is the perfect companion to Hughes’ lyrical bass lines, and the lead flourishes by guitarist Soren Andersen and organist Lachlan Doley take these 11 solid rock compositions to the dizzying altitude of the highest musical mountain. Indeed, these songs and performances rival even the mid-1970s work that Hughes did with Deep Purple to earn his recent induction in to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Feel the groove, experience the volume, and let it RESONATE.

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