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  • Hebron

    Album Title: Resurrection
    Record Label: Misfortune Records
    Review by Chris Fox
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    Hebron - ResurrectionHebron - Resurrection

    These Fort Atkinson natives have outdone themselves with an album that will tear your face off and hand it back to you. Throw Slayer, Testament, and a touch of epicness from In Flames into a blender from hell and you have the sound of HEBRON. Relentless guitars and clanking thrash drums will keep even the most avid metal enthusiast on their toes. Showing off their broad metal influences with every track without losing their personal voice, HEBRON strives to find the darker reaches of the musical world. Riffy and in-your-face; the intensity of this album just builds until the title track, “Resurrection,” where time changes, double kicks, and a roaring voice will leave you out cold.

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