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  • Róisín Murphy

    Album Title: Róisín Machine
    Record Label: Skint
    Review by John Noyd
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    Róisín Murphy - Róisín MachineRóisín Murphy - Róisín Machine

    Rallying elaborate nostalgia as an updated and outspoken disco queen, cyber-maestro Róisín Murphy’s groovy tutelage streams glamorous anthems bubbling beneath irresistible beats, processing stroboscopic gospel into boombox boogie and smoldering techno-soul. Nightlife highlights meet tungsten funk, invoking bold Moroder brushstrokes onto a seething cerebral sensuality where astute moves build emancipated declarations with effervescent tension. Decades into her career, this iconoclastic talent peddles edgy futurism alongside trendy escapism for brazen innovations rich in roller-skate bass, chanking guitar, old-school synths and supple strings. While several tracks have been dropped over the last few years, “Machine,” preens and gleams as one seamless dancefloor odyssey; taunting sauntering struts whose glittery surfaces birth teasing hedonism as elated persuasions turn glossy options empowering slick wit and slinky thinking into hip-swiveling visions.

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