Droids Attack

Album Title: Sci-Fi or Die
Record Label: Riff Reaper Records
Review by Sal Serio
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Droids Attack - Sci-Fi or DieDroids Attack - Sci-Fi or Die

Unearthed at last is the ultimate Droids Attack document. The talisman. In the long run, has the Droids sound changed much since their first 2004 CD? Not really, except it’s tighter and the vision is more fully realized. The meaty chord-driven locomotive zephyr thrust of sledgehammer metal-punk has simply zeroed in on the target with pinpoint accuracy, and the result is one of blissful head-banging wonderment.

Nailing the concept of uber-product is the physical presentation of this music. I can’t recall the last time I was this awestruck by a local band’s CD artwork, and overall conceptual statement. The combination of Eli Quinn’s Moebius-like illustrations with Brad Van’s graphic art skill equals pure genius. While listening, I can’t help but gaze at the CD itself to get the full effect, which is sort of like a science-fantasy graphic novel and ancient cultures history lesson all rolled up into one big ball-busting enchilada.

An auspicious local offering such as this needs a CD release event that resembles a ritualistic feast of alchemists, aliens, and perverse party-goers. It would also likely resemble the drop of a hydrogen bomb. Will we sci-fi… or die? Find out on Thursday, March 10, at the High Noon Saloon, when the Droids Attack festivities will be preceded by sonic statements from Attalla and The Gran Fury.

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