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CD Review
Teenage Fanclub - Shadows

Teenage Fanclub

Record Label: Merge Records
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Review by John Noyd
June 2010

Electrified by mellow summer strumming and cushioned in exquisite streamlined jangle, the Fannies latest neatly-tied package of sparkling gems is softly sculpted pillow-talk buffed to effortless dreaminess. While earlier albums clearly divided the band’s love of noise and thrash from their love of melody and harmony, “Shadows,” gurgles subversively, blending splendidly a feverish but methodical buzzing of bustling cities, racing thoughts and restless meditations; stoic, rock-solid interiors beneath casually concise pop-rock pirouettes.  Possessing three accomplished songwriters, the band’s chiming rhymes, uplifting introspection and idyllic delivery balance exquisite lullabies inside breathless promise for shimmering syncopation calming life’s uncertain turns. Bursting in crackling choirboy caresses and baptismal rejuvenation, “Shadow,” casts shiny uphill optimism hiding in heavenly messages, anchored by worldly-wise experience and laced with compassion and humility.

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