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DVD Review
Slipknot - (sic)nesses- Live at Download


(sic)nesses- Live at Download
Record Label: Roadrunner Records
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Review by Aaron Manogue
December 2010

The greatest metal band of the 21st century is at it once again with their latest concert DVD release (sic)nesses Live at Download. Available since late September, this work of art is enthralling, brilliant and surreal. Percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan exemplifies the DVD in one simple line; “It’s an extreme gift to be able to give the world your pain.”

The multifaceted compilation starts with a live recording of the bands 2009 performance at the hallowed grounds of Donington Park. The band drew largely from their hardcore roots, playing tracks such as “Eyeless,” “Surfacing” and “Wait and Bleed.” If you’ve never had the honor of experiencing the chaos that is a Slipknot concert, feast your eyes on the tens of thousands who enjoyed the ass kicking the nine handed them on this momentus day.

Easily the most artistic and impeccably revealing part of (sic)nesses  is the look that Clown gives fans in what is called Audible Visions of: (sic)nesses, a feature film directed by Clown himself. It delves the viewer behind the scenes during the bands tour to promote All Hope is Gone. The footage gives you a look into the soul of the beast that is Slipknot.

Perhaps the most lasting image is when vocalist Corey Taylor asks, “Where’s Paul?” Bassist Paul Gray is off screen talking to his wife and says “I love you baby, and I’ll call you after the show.” Here’s this guy, telling his family how much he loves them moments before he goes on stage before tens of thousands of fans waiting to rip each other apart. As we all know, Gray would die unexpectedly in May 2010.

This just goes to show the humanity and brotherhood of one of the greatest metal bands of all time. (sic)nesses is the closest any of us will ever get to being inside the 9, but Clown does an incredible job of portraying the band as is; crazy, deranged, but most of all, genius.

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