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CD Review
Joe Matera - Slave to the Fingers

Joe Matera

Slave to the Fingers
Record Label: W.A.R. Productions
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Review by Aaron Manogue
November 2011

I’ve written about his work before and he never ceases to impress. Former Geisha guitarist Joe Matera has finished his latest EP, Slave to the Fingers. Matera’s six-stringed attack features a previously released single “Face Off” which includes winding solos and melodic rhythm and is an excellent showcase of just how talented Matera really is. The EP starts off with an intro that is the album’s stamp on the ear of the listener. Quick and to the point, the intro warms up your eardrums for the delectable music on the way. Title track “Slave to the Fingers” is as smooth as a baby’s rump as it trickles along with a catchy beat and sauntering ahead in a leisurely stroll. There is a quick fret pattern towards the later half of the song that could fit in any metal song, but Matera finds a way to weave it into a melodic pleasure of guitar goodness. My personal favorite is the fourth track on the 5 song EP, “Out of the Blue.” The guitar licks and tones he portrays in the song are something out of the classic 80’s rock we all love, like a twisted musical love child between Van Halen and AC/DC. Just as the entire EP, this song is all killer and no filler! If you love guitars and people who know how to rock them, do yourself a favor and check out Joe Matera’s Slave to the Fingers.

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