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  • Land Of Talk

    Album Title: Some Are Lakes
    Record Label: Saddle Creek
    Review by John Noyd
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    Land Of Talk - Some Are LakesLand Of Talk - Some Are Lakes

    Streamlined and road-tested, the ten tantalizing tracks of Montreal’s Land of Talk full-length debut are the result of several years touring that had the group shuffling members until the current trio emerged as the perfect foil for singer, songwriter and guitarist Elizabeth Powell’s sharp narratives. Recorded in a converted church near their home town except for one track originating from Justin Vernon’s parent’s house in Eau Claire, there is a refreshing compactness to the tunes that leaves plenty of room for well-controlled gusto. A balancing act of agitated riffs and hustling bluster, “Lakes,” smash and shimmer as it reflects restless perspectives of timeless entanglements. Opening for Broken Social Scene Oct 11th at Madison’s UW Union Theater, LoT offer complicated conversations instead of idle chit chat.

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