Robert Forster

Album Title: Songs To Play
Record Label: Tapete Records
Review by John Noyd
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Robert Forster - Songs To PlayRobert Forster - Songs To Play

Seven years since Forster’s last album but a short nine month since the release of his iconic band’s comprehensive box set, “G Stands For Go-Betweens: Volume 1, 1978-1984,” the Aussie singer-songwriter’s unfathomable talent elevates everyday fate into stoic blows infused with cool rebukes. Quietly rumbling in choice words, acidic attitude and a rich, but understated sound, “Songs,” casts guitar-propelled spells colored in organ, trumpet and violin to evoke gentle, sensible pathos from smoldering doldrums hiding inflamed disdain while delicate disclosure imposes restless longing onto poetic pondering, drawing playful statements inside punctual jangle and dreamy preening beneath fleeting indie-pop. Brandishing literate skittishness wound around a wealth of prickly wit and soft-spoken coping, Forster continues to stand tall, navigating pedestrian quests with matador grace and impeccable taste.

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