Kat Reinhert

Album Title: Spark
Record Label: Exergue Music
Review by John Noyd
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Kat Reinhert - SparkKat Reinhert - Spark

Exceptionally elegant ambrosia brimming in limber melodies, the fluid musings from New York City’s Kat Reinhert flow like smoke over skyline twilights as champagne sunsets chase velvet shadows through sophisticated plays swooping and swooning in rich thoughtful jazz. Delicate sentiments topped in cosmopolitan solace, lyrical poise and an upbeat demeanor, “Spark,” smolders in incandescent enchantments; shedding fears and sharing joys alongside cool, smooth grooves laced with embraceable improvisation. Originally from Milton, WI, the Lawrence University alumni’s lively dives and arching larks float in sharp, cultivated confidence, balancing the album’s casual dazzle against helplessly svelte abandon. A team effort featuring vivacious solos from her ace back-up, Reinhert’s potent emotions pour the jazz singer’s original compositions into voluptuous cups of finely tuned moods sparkling in glamorous banter.

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