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  • Paul Draper

    Album Title: Spooky Action
    Record Label: Kscope
    Review by John Noyd
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    Paul Draper - Spooky ActionPaul Draper - Spooky Action

    Creamy chaos greets cinematic passion and sultry cosmic rumbles as high-voltage glam-rock meets sky-rocketing British blues-soul in the luminous, “Spooky.” Gorgeous orchestrated mayhem simmers at the ready as Draper’s cat-like stream of consciousness purrs in curious psychoanalytical diversions while submerging in flirtatious, vexing espionage. Slinging honeyed cunning for transcendent repentance and luscious bluster for martyred catharsis, the cumulative effect is staggering. Front-man for nineties alt-rock icons Mansun, Draper finishes his limited American tour at Milwaukee’s Pabst Theater May 3rd opening up for the King of Prog-Rock, Steve Wilson. Rare as is Paul’s stateside appearance, rarer still is his presenting Mansun classics and his new album scaled down to just him and a sideman. Surely, a night of sonic pyrotechnics from both parties on the bill.

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