Casket Robbery

Album Title: The Ascension
Record Label: Casket Robbery
Review by Sal Serio
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Casket Robbery - The AscensionCasket Robbery - The Ascension

Monroe, Wisconsin’s, horror metal outfit Casket Robbery is back with a relentless new 3-song E.P. and an all-new line-up of Megan Orvold on vocals, Troy Powell and Cory Scheider on guitars, Derek Silloway on bass, and drummer Derek Bonn.

‘The Ascension’ E.P. showcases a more classic death metal feel than before; as pulsating, pounding rhythms mesh with throbbing tempos, shrouded with tortured vocals and sheets of ethereal Hellspawn orchestral choir sounds, which accentuate the intense mood, and made me sneak a glance over my shoulder on more than a few occasions while absorbed in the listening experience. This cadaverous cacophony keeps with the Casket Robbery tradition of being the perfect movie soundtrack music for creepy slasher movies with a very sick sense of humor. Which, of course, is why I like this so much!

In a curious turn of events, Casket Robbery lists their influences as “The Evil Dead”, COLDCOCK Whiskey, Billy Squier, and Pro Wrestling, which make both perfect sense and no sense at all. Don’t think about it too much, just turn down the lights and turn up the stereo… and don’t be overly shocked or surprised if this music commences to raise the dead (although it’s all in your head).

The official CD Release Party for Casket Robbery’s ‘The Ascension’ E.P. is Saturday, September 16, at Hijynx in Fort Atkinson, for a free show with live music performed by VIA, Three Left, and Lever.

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