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CD Review
Plants and Animals - The End of That

Plants and Animals

The End of That
Record Label: Secret City
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Review by John Noyd
April 2012

Facing an uncertain future, “End,” sits squarely on the crossroads blending endless speculation into snapshot biographies. Punching bag swagger from tumbleweed troubadours cruises loose grooves before panicked anthems blast past blown fuses and punch-drunk bruises; light swipes and deep dark bites swirl together to conjure hip, hallowed shadows, hurtling half-hearted curses before seamlessly shifting into lusty seductions. Predatory and victimized, P&A’s dynamic stamina binds breathless beatnik lyrics beside explosive crow-eating prose, tense tunes consume personal mementos. Limber honky-tonk bursts into steely fears as maverick tactics deploy six-string taunts and off the cuff lyrical cast-offs rolling in exasperated gasps and power-rock howls/ Blazing daylights swimming in late-night reflections covered in indie-rock bliss and heartfelt folk-pop side-stops, this versatile Montreal trio takes over Madison’s Frequency May 12th.

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