Album Title: The Garza
Record Label: Chongomusic
Review by Sal Serio
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The Garza - The GarzaThe Garza - The Garza

Some music absolutely refuses to be dissected like a Biology lab insect, and needs to be consumed as a whole. Sort of like eating sushi! The Garza’s CD is like a sushi roll for your ears. Just open up and absorb it consummately.  To me, this musical statement is one long mood piece, distinguished by guitar / bass that melds itself into one huge, massive, riff, combined with Magma’s shredding, tortured vocals and unforgiving beats.

This expansive new material is combined with The Garza’s original 4-song E.P. recording from 2013, to document its looming majesty in a lucky 13 volumes of monstrous melodious musical mayhem. Again, don’t approach it like light reading, rather, ride this experience for its duration, and let it wash over your entire being. It’ll leave you feeling exhilarated and a little spent at the same time, like you just got sexed up by a six-armed love machine. Hairy on the low end, but shiny baldness on the crisper strings.

Be sure to catch The Garza performing with Give Us The Witch, at any or all of the following triumvirate of gigs: Thursday, June 26 at Quenchers in Chicago, Friday, June 27 at Mr. Roberts in Madison (free!), and Saturday, June 28 at Lee’s Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis.

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