Carrie Newcomer

Album Title: The Geography of Light
Record Label: Rykodisc
Review by John Noyd
(1987) Page Views

Carrie Newcomer - The Geography of LightCarrie Newcomer - The Geography of Light

A marvel of melody and metaphor, Carrie’s enlightened, “Geography,” quietly advocates the central values of community, casually gathering parallels between nature and the human condition. A soft spoken rebel that dabbles in sophisticated folk and literate country, Newcomer combines questions and conclusions with elegant allusions and persuasive sentiments. Both reverent and relevant, “Geography,” mixes history with poetry and everyday dramas with uncommonly common sense. An old soul with fresh eyes, Newcomer is a rare example of a musical talent serving her virtues with honor and respect while tackling life’s recurring obstacles. As she has on numerous other recordings, Newcomer uses Madison favorites Mary Gaines and Chris Wagoner to flesh out her glorious stories, empowering solid words to deliver musical goodwill, collaborating to craft a masterpiece of hope.

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