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  • Heavy Set

    Album Title: The Highway And The Moon
    Record Label: The Heavy Set
    Review by Sal Serio
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    The Heavy Set - The Highway And The MoonThe Heavy Set - The Highway And The Moon

    If I only had one sentence to write this review with, I would make it a question: “What kind of world would make Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) a household name, when Jake Ilika isn’t?”

    I mean, honestly. The emotion, depth, diversity, ethereal production quality, and uncannily excellent songwriting on this CD is beyond noteworthy. It MOVES me. It sits in my CD deck for repeated spins and new flavors bubble to the surface with each new listen. This may be the release of the year, and we’re not even two months in to 2018 yet. Seriously.

    What’s the music like? The Heavy Set says: what’dya want? Upbeat boogie, sincere heartland-tugging-at-the-heartstrings rock, jangley funk, dreamy pop, crunchy classic rock, tear-stained ballads… borderline-electronic-meets-stripped-down-folk, even! The kettle boils over with unique combinations of genres. Some bands try this and it comes out confusing and ill-defined. The Heavy Set employs this ambitious technique to great effect, and hits the bullseye every. single. time. It’s truly an amazing feat. Considering the proximity of Eau Claire to Minneapolis (the Bon Iver-to-Heavy Set connection again) all I can say is I hope Mr. Vernon is taking notice and decides to take these guys out on tour. Jake Ilika’s song craft is in a class all it’s own.

    Recommended tracks: “Everything You Told Me”, “Sink Or Swim”, “Always My Son”, “The Highway And The Moon”, and, well… all of them, really.

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