Robert Ellis

Album Title: The Lights from the Chemical Plant
Record Label: New West
Review by John Noyd
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Robert Ellis - The Lights from the Chemical PlantRobert Ellis - The Lights from the Chemical Plant

While swimming in pedal steel, bluegrass tapestries and Ellis’ Texas drawl it would be a mistake to call, “Lights,” a country album; at its core the album’s beautiful narratives owe as much to their dreamy pop influences and rich jazz side-trips as their waltzing twang-sanctioned insights and plain-spoken poetry. A tender blend of hope and regrets, hindsight and longing, Ellis nestles life’s poignant revelations in a well-crafted batch of contemporary parables where sympathetic heroes trapped in everyday struggles gain wisdom and redemptive perspective. Steeped in tradition and colored with subtle adventures, “Chemical,” delivers cozy easy-going introspection, bolstering hard-luck with a steely determination to uncover silver linings in simple pleasures. Opening for Jason Isbell, this Nashville-based story-teller and ace six-string guitar-slinger plays Madison’s Barrymore Feb 7th.

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