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CD Review
I Am Dragon - The Lucky Ones

I Am Dragon

The Lucky Ones
Record Label: self-released
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Review by Larry Bush
December 2012

I am Dragon wants us to have one hell of a good time. Their 8 track EP, “The Lucky Ones”, cuts the air with big-time riff rock, sing-along choruses, and hook after hook of rock and roll debauchery. The group also mixes electronic elements into their work to create quirky and super groovy tones. On “New Rocks”, keyboardist Luke Crary presents a tasteful ambience as the canvas for a driving band to paint upon, with Jon Stover slicing through with vintage tones and extended lead work. The track’s tasteful solo eventually cascades into a bridge dripping with progressive ambition, which culminates in a dynamic build-back to IaD’s fist-pumping calling card. A tight-knit rhythm section shines on, “No Reward is Worth This”, as bassist Dustin Skelley and drummer Andy Christoffersen split time between syncopation and mirrored fills, in perfect harmony. The release touches the listener’s palate in a variety of ways, from high-gain punk-influenced riffing to subtle and melodic piano work, providing a wide range of timbres to choose from. Dragon has come out of Blast House Studios with an extremely polished and ambitious release, showing that they are a unit with big ideas and a huge sound to match them.  The EP is set for release in early 2013 with a release party at The Frequency and a supporting Midwest tour on the horizon. I am Dragon has crafted a raucous EP for head-bangers to latch onto, providing an effort which makes each listener The Lucky One, indeed.

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