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CD Review
Elizabeth and the Catapult - The Other Side of Zero

Elizabeth and the Catapult

The Other Side of Zero
Record Label: Verve Forecast
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Review by John Noyd
December 2010

Elizabeth and the Catapult’s pleasantly paradoxical sophomore CD conjures a cast of vexed vixens and embittered Buddhists for show-tune groomed swoons and fearless lyrical jaunts. Polished pop toffee, chewy and slippery sweet; the Catapult’s crisp syncopation, crackling beats and catchy choruses match Elizabeth’s sizzling wisdom, dynamic diplomacy and crafty laughter for a sumptuous platter of deliciously pithy patter, irreverent sentiments and tender remembrances. Inspired by marathon Leonard Cohen listening sessions, “Other Side,” casually confides and artfully divides, jazzy gymnastic happiness jabbing at rattling cages while capturing spooky rebukes, witty duplicity and promising honesty. Savvy cabaret refrains convey lover’s pleads and jilted dreams wrapped in sly strings, cascading keyboards and arresting drums; dark thoughts housed in brainy but boppy melodies purporting wicked inspirations and poetic introspection.

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