Album Title: The Picture of Us All
Record Label: Self Released
Review by Kristen Winiarski
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Marashino - The Picture of Us AllMarashino - The Picture of Us All

Deriving their name from a delicious and similar-sounding sundae topper, Milwaukee’s Marashino are no cherries. Since their inception in 2002, the band have performed hundreds of shows from local clubs, county fairs, Summerfest a few times, and even a few jaunts around the country. Having opened for the likes of Crossfade and Shinedown, the band appears ready for a new challenge.

This year welcomes a new release from the band entitled, “The Picture of Us All”. Their self-released album mixes rock with impressive guitar lines as well as unique vocal styling.  Their rockin’ alternative style permeates throughout the entire album. Something really attention-grabbing about the band is the voices. Four out of the five band members sing vocals throughout the album. This exposes the listener to a greater vocal range than otherwise demonstrated by bands with a single dominating lead singer. The power of each voice has its own intensity that is felt through each lyric that is sung. This is especially evident in the song “Dilemna” as the beginning showcases a voice without music. The gravely voice is able to stand out on its own without other musical accompaniment. The listener is able to feel the desperation melt into their own soul. This demands attention to the voice alone until it is joined by the guitar and other instruments. The different periods of silence throughout the song also act to emphasize the different lines of lyric. As you listen to this album, the angst of self-discovery is combined to form a story.
This band proves to be more than just the topper and is a stand-out against others. It is, in fact, the entire sundae.

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