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  • Racing Pulses

    Album Title: The Racing Pulses vibrant new release Nothing To Write Home About
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    Review by Tommy Rage
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    The Racing Pulses - The Racing Pulses vibrant new release Nothing To Write Home AboutThe Racing Pulses - The Racing Pulses vibrant new release Nothing To Write Home About

    Lose weight, quit smoking, save more money or put out a great album. These New Year’s resolutions may sound familiar to some of us, fail as we may at most.  The Racing Pulses, however, have kicked off 2018 by accomplishing their New Year’s resolution, releasing 10 brilliant tracks on their debut album Nothing To Write Home About

    While out on tour over the last two years, The Racing Pulses have taken their time in perfecting their first full-length release. Singer-guitarist Kristian Iliev propels the new release with strong vocals, which has gained rave reviews and radio play in several markets.  With a Wisconsin and New York & East Coast tour under their belt, the up-and-comers have showcased their finely tuned skills on Nothing To Write Home About. Steering the opening track, “King or Pawn?”, bassist Brian Blanchette lays down a smooth road for drummer Mike Newby to accelerate on. The infectious indie rock vibe keeps cruising along with “Intricate”, while Megatone Studio Producer Paul Schluter tuned-up “Mrs. Supernova” from the bands 2014 EP, which highlights the trio’s talents. With early jazz and blues influences while growing up, “Bookends” fuses a perfect blend between blues and a Modern rock sound. An additional hold over from their 2014 EP, “Mermaid” tells a humorous tale while sharing the road with all 3 musicians who merge a tight-rhythmic blend with whimsical lyrics.  Since 2012, The Racing Pulses have been honing their skills on every track of this masterpiece. A live show would certainly highlight the last track, “Falling Through The Floor”, with perfect space for up-beat bluesy jams buckled in with an alt-rock feel. 

    All ten tracks of The Racing Pulses first release Nothing To Write Home About yields to no one.  With such fine detail to songwriting, insightful compositions and a premium blend of jams and lyrics, this is in fact SOMETHING to write home about (or at least text/IM your friends to tell them about this great album). Check out The Racing Pulses release Nothing To Write Home About on iTunes, Spotify, Facebook and at www.theracingpulses.com.

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