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CD Review
Kicksville - The Singles, Season 4


The Singles, Season 4
Record Label: Dept. Of Records
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Review by Sal Serio
July 2012

If Kicksville were a place, would you be able to drive there, or is it too remote? If Kicksville was a time zone, what time would it be there, now? If Kicksville were a state of mind, would it defy logic and mood? Maybe we’d have to time travel to a far away city where we’ll totally get out of our minds. I get it… Kicksville IS all of the above!

“The Singles, Season 4” is the latest installment of the journey to Kicksville. Sometimes it’s lovey dovey, sometimes it’s music for the apocalypse. Never boring, this is funky Jaco/Levin-esque bass lines keeping time with poly-rhythms that often seem to be a paradoxical mix of primal and techno. Always intriguing, this is beauty in contrast, borderline industrial bashings next to eastern spiritualism sitting on the lap of German avant garde synth prog with lyrics like “I Wanna Go Live With Charlie Manson”.

Obviously, this is heady stuff. Especially if you actually make your way TO Kicksville, and get the full sensory effect, visual enticement along with the wild sounds. This art / film / computer / music / acting / etc EXTRAVAGANZA… is coming Sat. Aug. 18 to the Barrymore in Madison. I can not stress my recommendation to attend more emphatically. Come be a citizen of Kicksville and join in the fun, but watch out for the “Filthy Piss Soaked Monkey”!

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