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CD Review
Signum A.D. - The Unsilenced

Signum A.D.

The Unsilenced
Record Label: Cage Rattle Records
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Review by Aaron Manogue
April 2011

It’s extremely uncommon for a new band to have the backing of big players within the music industry on their first album, let alone having those big players put their own hard work into something basically unproven. Signum A.D. is one of the very lucky few who have had this fortune, and clearly there was good reason for Brett Hestla (producer: Framing Hanley, Dark New Day), Kato Khandwala (mixed: Breaking Benjamin) and Tom Baker (mastered: Sevendust, 10 Years) to commit their time to Signum A.D.‘s first album, The Unsilenced.

The kickass Kansas quartet made sure that they followed the inclination of important first impressions, and in that casem I say, “Welcome to the party Signum A.D.” The Unsilenced starts off with a short, twisted instrumental, titled “The Calling,” that serves as a precursor to the emotion and strength behind the entire record.

The following track “Walls That Falls” has all the makings of a radio hit, and to me, could easily serve as the album’s first single. Caution, well written lyrics and an intense guitar riff serving as the backbone of this musical animal may cause you to have this song stuck in your head for days. The album doesn’t lighten up on badass rock ‘n’ roll after that. “Free,” “At the Seams,” and “Sad But Not Forgotten” simply add to the albums rock ‘n’ roll strength. The albums strength is Hercules strong; especially considering it’s their first album.

The lyrics are pristine, and they have a range from kicking your ass with growling screams to stealing your girlfriend by serenading her with acoustic-accompanied whispers. This range is on top of the drums and guitar creating a unique sound without sounding like they’re trying too hard. They’re just kicking your ass with their own feeling and sound. I wouldn’t just suggest this album and band to my fellow rock ‘n’ rollers, but I beg and plead you to check them out and give your dirty little rockstar eardrums a little treat with Signum A.D.‘s The Unsilenced.

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