My Brightest Diamond

Album Title: This Is My Hand
Record Label: Asthmatic Kitty
Review by John Noyd
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My Brightest Diamond - This Is My HandMy Brightest Diamond - This Is My Hand

The doubly-blessed love-child of Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox and Lene Lovich; the multi-talented and serenely fashionable Shara Worden is the unnaturally gifted voice that powers My Brightest Diamond into epic treks through monstrous imaginations. Employing brass bands and heavy-handed percussion to the band’s ethereal post-modern cathedral built from vaulting melodies tied to high-minded harmonies and perplexing confessions; “Hand,” manages to channel grand symphonic concepts into bubbling substance for an accessible space-capsule of funky art-rock intrigue that enflames shameless hearts through hip-swiveling rhythms while capturing passionate magic in provocative thoughts and bewitching mystery. Walking a vibrant tight-rope between speculative intellect and infectious fantasy, the effervescent MBD brings its rich meta-pop charisma to Madison’s High Noon Saloon November 14th and Milwaukee’s Vogel Hall November 15th.

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