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CD Review
Take Solace - Throwing Of The Die

Take Solace

Throwing Of The Die
Record Label: Take Solace
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Review by Sal Serio
March 2012

Now HERE’S something almost completely different. Take Solace, and be thankful, for this is one darn interesting group of musicians from Milwaukee.

From the opening Cake-like dry vocal on “Everything Is Bigger In Texas”, I knew this was going to be a challenging review. Still, with intestinal fortitude and tenacity, I dove headfirst into the Spy Vs Spy TV themed tempest, where punchy trumpet bursts swam aside reverb-drenched garage rock bashings. Although, I hesitate to settle on any convenient genre categorization, as it’s just not that simple. Take Solace playfully and skillfully dance around a culturally diverse musical landscape. Ultimately the journey is mysterious, uncharted, intriguing, and oh so worth the ride!

Dave Klapatch and Dirk Watkins are the guys up front, singing and playing the guitars, so you can’t miss ‘em. Their styles run the full gamut of everything to infinity, relatively speaking.  Dirk’s lead guitar takes command of an array of effects pedals, adding flourishes of wah-wah and echoplex to the epic proceedings. As the peak subsides and the trip nears conclusion, we are at “The Show”. It’s funky, it’s poppy, it’s rockin’ and hoppin’ and happenin’. Man, I really lucked out with this throw of the die. Take Solace. We made it.

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