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  • Joan of Arc

    Album Title: Tim Melina Theo Bobby
    Record Label: Joyful Noise
    Review by John Noyd
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    Joan of Arc - Tim Melina Theo BobbyJoan of Arc - Tim Melina Theo Bobby

    As a final statement, “Tim Melina Theo Bobby,” also serves as a great introduction. After 20 albums, Chicago’s Joan of Arc remain successfully eclectic balancing quirky curiosity for the mundane and staunch fondness for non-conformity, the album’s nimble inroads into slacker nostalgia follow enigmatic maps leading to solid post-rock observations and hypnotic avant-garage electronics. Simultaneously comforting and confronting, keen on pariah irony, meta-fiction visions and first-person certainty, “TMTB,” candidly examine mechanical humanity where assembled memories and experimental speculation intersect without regret, suspicion or repercussion; a theoretical playhouse of wires and feelings sheltering devilish embellishments and developing a well-kept fetish for post-millennial ghosts in the machine. The quartet, left after years of rotating members, exits the stage oddly confident and beautifully puzzling, equally open and impervious.

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