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  • German Art Students

    Album Title: Time Machine
    Record Label: Autobahn Music
    Review by John Noyd
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    The German Art Students - Time MachineThe German Art Students - Time Machine

    Rollicking and frolicking with solid dollops of crushing smugness lining deadpan stanzas and whip-smart guitar parts kick-starting tongue-in-cheek peeks into deluded consumers, GAS’ indomitable spirit has flaunted convention and taunted pretensions for fifteen wonderfully spiky years. Recently reduced to a trio, the streamlined version remains a reliable source of rib-tickling quips and punchy fun jet-propelled by bristling riffs and pep-rally sass. A perfect antidote to modern life’s relentless oppression, “Time Machine,” find the band knee-deep in B-movie ironies; reveling in nuclear family melt-downs, rusted robots and twisted tales of love, GAS patches surf-guitar punk to New Wave spunk towards a weirdly workable purpose. Sorting through the ruins of an increasingly absurd world, Madison’s rock rascals still find reason not only to carry on, but rejoice.

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