Tin Can Diamonds

Album Title: Tin Can Diamonds
Record Label: self-release
Review by John Noyd
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Tin Can Diamonds - Tin Can DiamondsTin Can Diamonds - Tin Can Diamonds

Conjuring family bonds through candid jamborees, a friendly strength pervades Madison’s Tin Can Diamonds’ self-titled debut. Whether whipping up road-trip bliss or drowning in rootless heartache, TCD slips socially conscious mischief into sad tall tales and rousing good-time tunes for a swinging education in interpersonal dynamics, subliminal consumerism and corporate control that never sacrifices a catchy melody for heavy-handed pedantics. Folk-blues grooves meet sweet bohemian dreams as Aarushi Agni’s old soul vocals coax robust moments tinged in sinful whimsy. Ben Strohbeen’s happy-go-lucky bass dances alongside Dave Janus’ shuffling drums for slinky honky-tonk rhythms inside chugging struts while guitarist Mitch Johnson lends a keen ear to restless riffs and back-up vocals. Catch TCD opening up for ferocious folk-rocker Adia Victoria June 16th at Madison’s The Frequency

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