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CD Review
The Gran Fury - Titan

Gran Fury

Record Label: self released
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Review by Sal Serio
April 2015

I’m not sure if there is a viable anecdote to whatever is in the Wisconsin water that’s been churning out the massive rock ‘n roll lately, but I hope that cure is never found. First Eau Claire’s Drunk Drivers unveil the definitive album of the year late in 2014, now Madison’s gleesome threesome The Gran Fury throw down the ultimate gauntlet of sonic rock attitude.

The title is “Titan”? I can’t argue with that! These ten songs show no mercy whatsoever. Sometimes local indie rock can steer off course in to the turbulent waters of eclectic overt inaccessibility, but here we have a collection of songs that go straight for the jugular in a way that any rock fan can understand. In fact, often I felt like there was an AC/DC or Judas Priest type song structure lurking beneath the colossus berserker cloak of sheer in-your-face unabashed joyful rock ‘n roll brutality.

The song titles say it all, really. “Left Hook”, “Kick In The Face”, and “I Live For Rock N Roll”. Subtlety be damned! Let’s just get in to it already! It’s in the water, it’s in your ears, and it’s in your brain. It’s The Gran Fury, dammit. Turn it up!

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