Album Title: Uncorked: Rare Tracks From A Vintage 70s Band
Record Label: Self Released
Review by Sal Serio
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Kelakos - Uncorked: Rare Tracks From A Vintage 70s BandKelakos - Uncorked: Rare Tracks From A Vintage 70s Band

Not too long ago, someone I know remarked, “There’s a reason we call Classic Rock CLASSIC”… and that’s the best intro to review the Kelakos CD. An East Coast based rock quartet who formed in the late 70s, did a little recording and a lot of gigging, and now are seeing their well-crafted songs released for a whole new audience.

15 songs, as a matter of fact, hearkening back to the days when AM radio was segueing into AOR FM radio, and cruising the main drag in your Mustang with cassettes or 8-tracks blaring was the norm. At times there’s a bit of the early Doobie Brothers/Firefall laid-back southern jammy vibe, but one can’t really sum it up that way. For instance, the opening track, “Boogie Bad Express” sounds like it could be Johnny Winter singing. “Rachel” could be a blended frosty with Sweet, Badfinger, and Raspberries flavors. Then, when you relax in to the grooves, a track like “Frostbite Fantasy” jumps out of the speakers with a more progressive arrangement, and a razorblade sharp guitar solo by singer George Haberstroh.

Even though these tracks were recorded between 1975-1979, the sound engineering is pristine and contemporary. These guys should know something about the studio. Drummer Carl Canedy produced many 80s-era metal groups, such as Anthrax, Overkill, Exciter, and Possessed.

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