Album Title: Why Choose
Record Label: FatCat Records
Review by John Noyd
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Shopping - Why ChooseShopping - Why Choose

Tight, biting no-wave surf-rock rides whiplash-active rapids in coiled cool while, “Why,” applies irony-free treats teetering between jungle-tunneled skeleton-rasta and abrupt thrusts on disruptive cusps from brittle-riddled toe-tappers. Dodge-ball assaults turn hypnotic gestalt from ace double-dutch busking pumping tasty socio-political tub-thumping to fever-burning dervishes serving percussive justice while affirming soul-stirring skirmishes. Leaning into each furious ska-blessed arpeggio, Shopping’s anti-pomp manifesto scratches pogo polemics into feisty decisiveness, tossing elastic punk-powered raps in confidently combative drafts as the wicked British ricochet babies play sling-shot hop-scotch with street-wise nose-dives and acrobatic high-fives. Frantic, manic sound-scoundrels splattering mouse-trap staccato with bare-knuckled love from wiry warriors, the lean trio hits Madison’s The Frequency October 27th alongside retro-groovy tour-mates Shannon and the Clams plus area rabble-rousers The Pukes and Orange Iguanas.

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