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CD Review
Lita Ford - Wicked Wonderland

Lita Ford

Wicked Wonderland
Record Label: JLRG Entertainment
Review by Sal Serio
January 2010

O metal maven, O heavenly black brassiere pin-up of the 80s, how we loved you! But you left so suddenly, why O why was it so?

Lita Ford actually split for a Caribbean island in the mid 90s to shack up with rocker husband Jim Gillette and start a family. Lita and Jim home schooled their two pre-teen sons, and grew their own food. Sound like a fantasy? Well, what makes my dreams come true is: Lita’s BACK!

“Wicked Wonderland” is not some safe bet crassly calculated attempt to live off past glories it’s a BEAST of an album! The primary theme running through the pummeling tunes is kinky sex. Apparently the couple likes it nasty, and are cool with letting us know all about it. Songs like ‘Inside’ (“Feel me from the inside”), and ‘Bed’ (“Tie me to the bed, spank me ‘cause I like it”) plainly lay it out across the silk sheets for us all to enjoy.

Producer Greg Hampton goes for the huge production he’s known for, giving “Wicked Wonderland” a sinister vibe somewhere between Rob Zombie and Deborah Frost’s Brain Surgeons. Roberta Zombie? The Bra Surgeons? Call it what you will, just give me more, ‘cause it’s sexy as hell and rocks like a MOTHER!

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