Album Title: Women and Children Last
Record Label: Roadrunner Records
Review by Aaron Manogue
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Murderdolls - Women and Children LastMurderdolls - Women and Children Last

Imagine yourself stuck in the middle of a fiery hell on earth. The zombie apocalypse is upon us and the world has lost all its order. Your friends and family are no where to be found, so you can only assume they’re one of the infected thousands that are chasing you, trying to make you into their next delectable treat. There is no way out. There is no hope. And you love every minute of it. This, in a rotten nutshell, is exactly the type of twisted, guilty pleasure that Murderdolls brings to you in their latest release Women and Children Last.

The Death Valley Superstars kick your ass from the hellish opening “Chapel of Blood” to the appropriately titled closer “Hell, Goodbye, Die”, and you find yourself asking the infamous question, “Thank you sir, may I have another?” As if the title didn’t raise a big enough red flag, screaming at you to run and hide, you can’t help but find yourself listening to every last catchy riff, every last dark lyric, every inch of musical ass kicking packed inside Women and Children Last.

Vocalist Wednesday 13 (also lead for Frankenstein Drag Queens of Planet 13 and Bourbon Crow) and Joey Jordison (drummer of the legendary Slipknot ) lead the way in the band’s greatly improved second album. With the addition of rhythm guitarist Roman Surman, bassist Jack Tankersley and drummer Racci Shay, the band has a much more unified sound then their debut album. Secluding themselves in a Hollywood Hills mansion to avoid being influenced by any other music of the time, the Murderdolls have achieved their goal to create their own sic sound.

Joey Jordison (drummer of the legendary Slipknot) shows the world that his musical talents go much, much further than his double-bass, insanely furious beats he has shown us all over the past years with Slipknot. Leading the way on guitar, Jordison has produced his own addictive vibe and sound, which is extremely evident in the entire album, and is no clearer in the riff he has brought to previously released single “My Dark Place Alone.” Just try to listen to the song and not catch yourself humming it for hours.

Wednesday 13 puts his infamous stamp on the band’s new trademark sound with his dark, violent lyrics. Spacing himself from his previous self-proclaimed “campy horror” lyrics and creating a new style, all the while still bringing the twisted, violent punch fans have come to love from the Murderdolls. Wednesday 13’s performance on Women and Children Last gives listeners a whole new perspective and respect for his heralded vocal and writing talents.

So do your best to run and hide from the Murderdolls and their new poison that is Women and Children Last. In the end they will find you and kick your eardrums in with their new addictive sound. And when they’re done with you, you’ll find yourself asking for more. 

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