Album Title: World Painted Blood
Record Label: Sony Records
Review by Chris Fox
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Slayer - World Painted BloodSlayer - World Painted Blood

The thrash metal titans are back with a vengeance. Angry as ever, and still grinding the axe like there is no tomorrow SLAYER puts another notch in their belt with their tenth studio album. The sound of “World Painted Blood” builds on the elements from every album before. Dissonated chords, some dark melodies, and a driving beat that will force you to bang your head are what keep this album fresh with creepy SLAYER surprises around every corner. This album is far from a career capping effort, but rather the continuation of the epicness that is SLAYER. As usual government, God, and everything that might be controversial in between is covered is true thrash metal fashion. These guys have developed new material in a progressive direction without losing their roots. Metal continues to reign in blood.

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