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  • Rival Sons swing into Milwaukee for special night at The Pabst Theatre

    Rival Sons / Live at The Pabst Theatre
    by Linette Britt
    Posted: Aug 2019
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    Rival Son's Scott Holiday  - photo by Rockpicschick Photography

    Rival Son's Scott Holiday - photo by Rockpicschick Photography

    This has been my third time catching Rival Sons show and I can honestly say that I am still trying to figure out what magic the band conjures as a part of their intensely powerful shows.  All I do know is that it leaves the audience feeling like they have been cleansed, a baptism of sorts to all the baggage they carried as they walked into the show. Far-fetched ?  Ask their fans. 
    It is undeniable the way it is to get so caught up and spell-bound by the intricacies of Scott Holiday’s masterful bluesy rock slide and formidable crushing rock riffs that make a sweet girl blush.

    Jay Buchanan is a whole other flavor. Spirited, raspy, vocals that shake the rafters and soulful delivery of every single word - there’s no doubt this man loves his craft and wants his music - the songs he pours himself into - to mean something to the audience receiving the message. It’s mesmerizing to watch him shifting and sliding around stage like a shaman channeling transcendental energies into this world.
    The synergy between Holiday and Buchanan alone is enough of a lethal combination to bring a crowd to its knees.

    I know you by now are probably thinking I’m laying on some thick hype here, but I am a believer in the rock and roll they serve up.  It’s genuine and embraces all the facets of the rock and roll of old that some people believe is lost and gone forever - the kind that stirs your soul, opens your mind, and makes your heart ache- and gives it a modern edge. And it’s not just one generation of listeners that are connecting with their music. As I looked out into the audience I saw people of all ages sharing a common connection.The power of music is a beautiful thing with the right recipe.

    ‘We move through the world like
    Shooting stars across the sky
    Splitting through the darkness
    Putting a light into their eyes.’

    Rival Sons- “Shooting Stars”