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  • Superorganism with Simpson

    Majestic Theater May 1, 22019
    by John Noyd
    Posted: May 2019
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    Superorganism - Majestic Theater May 2019 - photo by Russell Kershaw

    Superorganism - Majestic Theater May 2019 - photo by Russell Kershaw

    Bringing the same show they performed in the smaller Frequency down the street just over a year ago, the international collective known as Superorganism descended on Madison’s Majestic Theater to trip the light fantastic. The roomier accommodations made a world of difference, allowing a critical mass to form for some loud crowd-sourced joy that cashed in on Superorganism’s sing-along slogan-songs and freedom-seeking freakiness.  Cartoon anarchy delivered in a psychedelic cyclone, the eight-person ensemble’s stage-screens reflected skittery video glitter back at wacky laid-back theatrics to wrench the dulled mid-week senses from complacent blankness into fabulous interactive passion. Paying ball-pit lip-service in an over-stimulated playground, the band’s dynamic antics and porous choreography mixed slow-brewed funk trapped inside a rainbow-flavored lava lamp into wonky 8-bit sound samples spooning slacker adages as ironic spoofs and retro-future grooves. Sparkling marketing positing cosmic optimism with phosphorescent graphics, comic-book costumes and a day-glo Greek chorus; it all made for one mega-rad, ultra-fab Wednesday night.

    “I had cheese curds for dinner,” said lead singer and sometime guitarist Orono Noguch, “and I think I did last time I was here.” Then she went off on a minor ramble about how every band probably mentions cheese when they play Madison before breaking into the next song. That down-to-earth smirk and casual attitude did much to keep the party light and happening in a dazzling display of showmanship glitz, open-hearted catharsis and woozy phat beats. Pop by its very nature is simple and direct, hiding its subversions in glossy diversion and sly ironies; art-happening enchanters, Superorganism put forth sublime pop whose indulgent tastes for eclectic cross-cultural fetishes turns doomed consumerism into virtual-reality safe-rooms, digital missionaries celebrating universal hallucinogenic raves.

    It was the opener, Simpson’s first time in Wisconsin and her snappy raps kicked off an evening of audience participation and post-modern bonding with questions about cheese hats and country dialects. “Find me on social media,” she said, giving out her twitter name, WhoisSIMPSON, and sassing her DJ’s Instagram handle, Polygamy. while laying down an impressive set that flowed with ardent jargon and mastered sass. A perfect compliment to Superorganism’s internet aesthetic.