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  • Rockstar Death Notices - September 2017

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    Jane Train, manager of Adrenaline Mob, died with bassist David Zablidowski in a fiery automobile crash on the way to a show

    Jane Train, manager of Adrenaline Mob, died with bassist David Zablidowski in a fiery automobile crash on the way to a show

    Melvyn “Deacon” Jones - D. 7-6-2017 - 73 -  known as the pianist and musical director for John Lee Hooker’s band - also worked with Freddie King and Dr John.

    David “Z” Zablidowski - D. 7-14-2017 - 37 - injuries sustained in crash (see Jane Train) - American bassist for Adrenalin Mob, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. 

    Thor Lindsay - D. 7-16-2017 - 59 - longtime Portland independent music scene fixture and co-founder of Tim/Kerr Records who released Dandy Warhols, Everclear and worked with Kurt Cobain and William Burroughs.

    Abby Nicole (Abby Uecker) - D. 7-23-2017 - 25 - Accident involving an off road vehicle after playing the Nebraska County Fair with her band Country Road.

    Goldy McJohn - D. 8-1-2017 - 72 - heart attack - Canadian - original organ/keyboardist for Steppenwolf also played with Myna Bird, and Manbeast.

    Glenn Travis Campbell - D. 8-8-2017 - 81 - Nashville - Alzheimer’s disease - Legendary singer and guitarist best known for the 70’s hit “Rhinestone Cowboy” and on tv with the Smothers Brothers comedy show. Winner of 6 Grammies and Album of the Year in 1968. As a session guitarist Glenn worked with Elvis Presley, Merl Haggard, The Beach Boys, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, The Monkees and many others.

    Albert “Sonny” Burgess - D. 8-18-2017 - 88 - Little Rock, AR - Legendary rockabilly singer and guitarist signed to Sun Records in 1956 - played with Rocky Road Ramblers, the Pacers (Rockabilly Hall of Fame), Kings IV,  . “It was punk before punk, thrash before thrash” Colin Escott - Sun Recordings Historian. 

    John Abercrombie - D. 8-22-2017 - 72 - legendary jazz guitarist - John Abercrombie Quartet - also worked with Chico Hamilton, Jack DeJohnette, Billy Cobham, Michael Brecker and many more.

    Jane Train - D. 8-23-2017 - 48 - Gainesville, Fl - five weeks after Adrenaline Mob’s RV was struck by a tractor-trailer in Florida on the say to a show. The accident occurred when the tractor-trailer veered off Interstate 75, crossed at least one full traffic lane before leaving the road, splitting the RV in half and causing it to become engulfed in flames. Jane was singer of M80 in 80’s and manager of Adrenaline Mob. Crash also killed bassist David Zabildowski.