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  • Dent May

    Album title: Across the Multiverse
    Record Label: Carpark Records
    by John Noyd
    July 2017
    (875) Page Views

    Dent May - Across the Multiverse

    Dent May - Across the Multiverse

    Meta-intellect connected to swooning satin-smooth moods, May’s candy-coated soul preaches cheeky sweetness whose sanitized romances hide ironic sonnets beneath immaculate pop concoctions. Fizzy and clever, shiny and coy, “Multiverse,” combines early uptown disco into pastel power-ballads for luscious post-modern music-hall, lathering shy choirboy daydreams in sunshine harmonies, bell-bottom bass-lines and winsome sing-along choruses wrung from passive calculations parodying exacting craft.

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