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  • Bash & Pop

    Album title: Anything Could Happen
    Record Label: Fat Possum
    by John Noyd
    December 2016
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    Bash & Pop - Anything Could Happen

    Bash & Pop - Anything Could Happen

    Lo-fi tigers colliding in double-barreled rockabilly benders and smarmy garage-rock raves, Tommy Stinson’s Bash & Pop demolishes by swinging rhythms attacking deranged twang while trolling a rip-roaring Rolodex of snarling roadhouse blues. A rollicking, rocketing joyride, “Anything,” swerves with curve-ball assaults heralding feral melt-downs primed in street-wise desires and con-artist barn-burners. Bash & Pop play Milwaukee’s Cactus Club January 13th

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