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  • Holy Esque

    Album title: At Hope’s Ravine
    Record Label: Beyond the Frequency
    by John Noyd
    January 2016
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    Holy Esque - At Hope’s Ravine

    Holy Esque - At Hope’s Ravine

    Seething in bittersweet seizures, Scotland’s Holy Esque harbors karmic carnage beneath emotional oceans, dredging ominous concoctions from feverish allegiance and schizophrenic penance. Ravaged embattled cadavers roaring in glorious indie-rock flourishes, “Ravine,” careens around lean fiends screeching disturbing reverberations, shuddering and sputtering while tortured six-string scorchers parlay embryonic sonics lit in brazen flames into staunch conquering monarchs fueled by turbulent urgency.

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