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  • The Orange Peels

    Album title: Begin the Begone
    Record Label: Minty Fresh
    by John Noyd
    April 2015
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    The Orange Peels - Begin the Begone

    The Orange Peels - Begin the Begone

    Sun-soaked West Coast power-pop meets rock-geeked apple-cheeked psychedelia inside TOP’s old-school revolutionaries where breath-taking weightlessness spreads from heady experiments to gutsy productions. Joyful orchestral cleverness converge in sharp, harmonic commerce and sentimental effervescence as, “Begone,” spawns smooth groovy tunes; shiny compositions whose tie-dyed jangle wears synth-pop spangle and six-string symphonies glistening in singer-songwriter petitions ride candy-coated rollercoasters in radio-friendly memories.

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